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I have noticed that, as people grow older, they often develop a great appreciation for warmth - although not, I suppose, to the extent of appreciating the type of central heating available in the traditional Christian Hell.

In point of fact, there are many traditional Hells. The Nordic Hell was a frozen wasteland, as I suppose one would expect. Hell dimensions appear to abound and those often seem to tend toward extremes of climate, whether or not this is supposed to be part of the torment.

I have heard far fewer discussions of the climate of Heaven or the various heavenly realms. (I used to joke that saying, “What a beautiful day” for the billionth time in a month would devalue it as small talk.) The really strange thing is that, if the climate of Heaven is mentioned, people retort that it is a realm of the spirit, that bodily things are of no concern and the weather wouldn’t matter.

So, Hellfire would be a torment in an abode for souls, but the smell of the earth after rain would be an … irrelevance. I find that difficult to believe.

As for the company – I hope that my own family went to heaven (although I would prefer to spend my afterlife at a comfortable distance from some of them.) Possibly Jenny would be there, possibly John or Elizabeth… Buffy appears to have gone there, at one point...

If I do find myself in Hell I am quite sure I would know many of the inhabitants, some might be quite eager to see me again, although not necessarily for reasons that I would … appreciate.

Cut for speculationCollapse )
Even so, I think I would prefer the company in Heaven. However, despite the jocular tone the subject is considerably more complex than I expected when I began to write. I rather regret having chosen it.

Muse; Rupert Giles.
Fandom, BTVS
Words; 400

Feb. 3rd, 2009

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006 How have you beaten the odds?

I suppose that I have beaten the odds, and in the most basic sense. I have seen so many dead.

It is expected that the active Watcher is likely to outlive his Slayer. We are educated to that effect. It does not always happen, but one usually outlives the other. The war that we wage is deadly dangerous, after all.

Buffy had outlived her first Watcher when she was put in my charge but the odds are that the Watcher will outlive his Slayer. We are usually withdrawn from field work, after that, although not all Watchers find the experience so traumatic that they find some way to withdraw from the cutting edge of operations.

Buffy had died twice at the point when I left Sunnydale. She was saved by friends of her own age on both occasions. My decision was not a form of desertion. She had a fully functional support system and I was needed elsewhere. I suppose we both “beat the odds” – but twice is enough. She is no longer the Slayer. I am no longer …

Oh for the good lord’s sake! The Watchers’ Council died! Death upon death. My contemporaries - even those whom I thought would be my successors – all of them!

I am not old. Not really old. Not by the standards of the outside world, where my life would be the stuff of stories if it was generally known. I remember that the phrase, “We did not evolve to outlive our children” was much in my mind, earlier. For me, it is almost as if I have outlived even my own generation.

I suppose I have beaten the odds there, too, in a way. For a man of my age and class, statistically, I should probably be a grand parent, worrying about the mortgage, about “negative equity” and investments; I might even be concerned about garden pests or a car – or, if my worldview had remained reasonably wide (as I believe it would have done) I might have been worried about global warming and perhaps biofuels.

I wonder what I could have done about those problems? I wonder if I would have been lonely?

Muse; Rupert Giles.
Fandom; BTVS
Words, 339
My laptop celebrated Christmas Day by losing most of its functions (including Internet access, for asome time.) It will be sent away to be repaired (or euthanised) under extended guarentee on Jan 2nd, and I will be back as soon as I can.

It hasn't worked properly for most of this year but the alternative would be Vista so I would seem to be caught between a rock and an extraordinarily hard place.</i>


CM 005

005 "What's a daily activity you must do that's not one of your favorite activities?" The answer may be obviousCollapse )

Muse; Rupert Giles,
Fandom, BTVS
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Oct. 31st, 2008

I have had rather too heavy a workload and a number of problems with a computer that appeared to be possessed, recently. It is not really feasible to use the standard methods of exorcism on a laptop. Holy water has a deleterious effect on both the keyboard and what one might call the internal organs. (I discovered this empirically in my first year on-line. I was not, I hasten to add, trying to test for demonic presences in the motherboard at the time. I simply threw the liquid at a vampire and missed.)

In any case, as far as I can ascertain this machine did not, exactly, suffer demonic infestation. It simply downloaded an automatic update while unattended and then developed some kind of cyber-indigestion. It has kept me off-line for some time and, when I first logged in, I was surprised to find that I now seem to have an Undead Journal with a rather lurid colour-scheme. I rather hope that is simply a gesture for Halloween. The red on black lettering is hurting my eyes.

In theory, very little of a supernatural nature is supposed to happen during Halloween. In practice, that may not be the case. Certainly it was not always the case in Sunnydale. There was the fear-demon, Ethan Rayne’s costumes, the year when Dawn was 15… Didn’t she say that she was staying overnight with her friend Janice and then go to the cemetery with a vampire? I don’t think it ever occurred to me before but I wonder if she intended to spend the night with him? I don’t think that occurred to Buffy, either.

That, of course, happened immediately before Dawn almost became the bride of that musical demon. 001. Collapse ),

I really think that I am too tired to consider the matter further, at the moment. It is almost midnight.

Muse; Rupert Giles.
Fandom; BTVS
Words 750
Hmmm. It seems that this is journal entry 222.

It seems strange that so many of the occultly significant redoubled numbers have come up in the last 8 days.

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